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About Us

Seamar Management S.A. is an integrated maritime solutions company.

Seamar Management S.A. is an integrated maritime solutions company.

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Who We Are

We are Seamar Management S.A., your compass in the complex realm of vessel management.

With unwavering commitment and an innovative and solutions-focused mindset, our team redefines maritime excellence.

Our goal? Surpass expectations and lead the industry, safeguarding our people and safeguarding client assets and supporting them in their growth journey all along the way.

What We Believe In


At Seamar, we understand that in the intricate landscape of maritime operations, precision is paramount. From meticulous maintenance to strategic planning, every facet of our service is infused with a dedication to unparalleled quality. Our target is to exceed customer expectations, ensuring that your vessels operate at peak performance.  Our commitment is a promise to deliver the highest standards of service and reliability in every aspect of our work.

Empowering our people

At Seamar, we believe in empowering our people as the driving force behind our success. Professional development & training create a committed, strong, resourceful, and solution-driven team onboard & ashore.


In our commitment to excellence, transparency is our guiding principle at Seamar. We believe in clear communication, open dialogue, and honesty at every stage. Navigating towards excellence requires a transparent course, and we ensure that our clients have a clear view of our processes, decisions, and the value we bring to their maritime journey. Trust is built on transparency; at Seamar, it’s the foundation of enduring partnerships.

Trusted Partnerships

We place a premium on developing creative and trustworthy partnerships with our customers. We aspire to be your trusted ally, understanding your business’s unique needs and aspirations, working collaboratively to create value and driving solutions and innovation.

Our Vision

Our vision at Seamar Management S.A. is to make excellence, service, efficiency, and innovation the lifelines of the global maritime industry. We’re not just dreaming of this future; we’re actively propelling ourselves towards it, setting new industry standards, and pushing boundaries.

Winter & Arctic Operations Expertise

Winter & Arctic Operations Expertise

Global climate change and melting sea ice present opportunities for international marine transportation networks in the Arctic. Arctic sea routes enable ships to move between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as alternatives to the Panama and Suez canals, offering considerable savings in time, fuel costs, CO2 emissions and allowing more cargo to be loaded.

The trip across the Arctic, however, is a challenging task that requires experience and navigational skills against extreme climate conditions and potentially hazardous environments to vessels.

Seamar Management has deep knowledge in navigating such demanding waters, with extensive in-house experience in Ice Trading Operations and own pool of experienced seafarers in ice navigation

Our Team

At Seamar Management S.A., we are truly proud of our manpower and place a premium on staff well-being and happiness. The Company comprises a team of highly experienced engineering and marine professionals with extensive knowledge and skills in the field of shipbuilding and technical management.

When others see problems, Seamar Management S.A. is adaptable and sees solutions. Seamar Management S.A. pushes forward with fast reflexes.

Seamar Management S.A.’s culture of transparency, solutions-driven, “out of the box” thinking, and relentless dedication to continuous improvement differentiates us from the industry.


What Safety means for us

A safe business is a good business. We believe that the key to safe business and consistent success is our people. Communication, training, and culture strengthening are ways of working daily toward safe operations.

We believe in a just culture. A culture where trust and communication between our people flourish, and so is the business of our clients.

Our “No-blame” policy is one of our most valued and powerful policies that turns experience into knowledge.

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Certified with the Quality Assurance Standard of ISO 9001:2015
Office auditing program by the highly regarded organization of RIGHTSHIP
Company’s DOC, SMC, SSC Certificates issued by the Japanese Classification Society of NKK